Terms and Conditions

Withdrawal / Dismissals. If withdrawal / dismissal is necessary, the student’s any tuition will be pro-rated as of the actual date of withdrawal / dismissal. Any and all outstanding fees charged prior to the withdrawal / dismissal date will also need to be paid. If any balance is still owed by the student it is due on the actual date of the withdrawal/dismissal. Any remaining refund will be sent within thirty days of withdrawal.

Class Attendance.
As a good steward, you should endeavor to be in every class. The time, energy, and financial investment you are making this year should not be stolen from you through carelessness, apathy, or discouragement.

It is an unavoidable reality that there will be some absences in most students' lives. We will, therefore, establish guidelines to see these do not become habitual or excessive.

Each instructor is responsible to distribute and collect completed attendance sign in sheets for each class session. This will be used as one of the grades for the course.

Monday 6:30 – 9:20 pm are required class hours. No student will be excused from attendance. Tardiness and absenteeism will not be tolerated. Absenteeism will be reviewed by your instructor and the Faith Bible College Director. If there is no correction of such, it will lead to dismissal from the school.

As stated previously, the demand made by family, physical, or emotional problems will be handled through the ministry of the church. Our desire is to resolve the problem. However, if the resolution of such problem requires the student to withdraw from the school, this will be handled with understanding and compassion, not judgment.

Grading Policy.
Although Faith Bible College (FBC) is not an “academic” institution as such; each student must demonstrate a certain level of mastery of the materials presented in their course of study. Class attendance and participation are a part of this, but only a part. FBC certificate / diploma states the individual receiving it has "successfully completed the requirements" of the school. These have been determined by the counsel of Pastor Peregrym, the Faith Bible College Director, and the individual instructors. The program which has been established reflects our desire to teach and have the students receive as much as possible in solid foundational understanding, of Bible doctrine.

Each instructor will establish their own set of requirements for their course. These grades will be evaluated on a "per semester" basis. Any student whose "per semester" average falls below 65% will be placed on academic notice. If there is no improvement in the student's grade average by the end of the following semester, dismissal from school may become necessary. This decision will only be reached after a subjective evaluation of the student by the Director and the School Faculty, taking into consideration such issues as attendance, attitude, and effort.

Grades should be treated as a measure of your own achievement, not as a matter of ranking, competence, or comparison. It is our desire, of course, that you get as much out of this year of school as possible. The purpose of the grading system is to assure you, and us that you have done the best you can do. The grade policy will be reviewed in each course syllabus along with: Course Purpose, Course Objective, Class Attendance - Make Up Policy, and Course Outline (optional).

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