Growing up in our life with God is the most important task believers have. If you have a desire to grow in your knowledge and insight of the Word Of God, as well as, your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s ministry, Faith Bible College is for you. FBC is designed to develop 3 things: growth, gifts and application of those gifts. You will become acquainted with the foundational truths that every person in this "New Life” needs: How does the Work of Christ in Redemption affect the human race in the Big picture? Know who and what you are as a result of that Redemption. Learn how to cultivate your fellowship with your Father and how He sees you. Begin recognizing the call of God on your life and the tools He has given you to develop it. Learn how to go beyond just reading your Bible and go after the hidden truths revealed in the original Hebrew and Greek using Bible study tools.

If you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life and desire:

  • an educational experience
  • build a rock solid foundational understanding of the Word of God and The Spirit of God.
  • and desire to be equipped to receive, and give to others what you have been given.

Then FBC is the place for you.

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